Encloud DMCC

Unit 704, JBC2

Cluster V, JLT

PO Box 211715

Dubai - UAE



Get Empowered

Get empowered

Encloud is a cloud pioneer in the Middle East, and has a reputation for delivering value adding benefits and quality of service that other providers can’t match.

Here are just some of the reasons clients prefer Encloud

Two public cloud offerings

Two Public Cloud with a geographical separation with both hosted in a tier 3 data centres in the UAE enable dual cloud offerings so businesses can select their preferred level of service.

Simplified Self Service Management Portal

Clients benefit from a comprehensive Management Portal that puts them in complete control of their cloud solution. The Encloud Management Portal lets you request additional services, ask for support and define privileges and customise your services on the fly.

Disaster Recovery

The availability of a second cloud offering and data centre enables robust Disaster Recovery as a Service. Encloud can back up key data and apps to a secondary data centre for business continuity. Dual clouds also offer easy load balancing and switch-over capabilities.

Extreme scalability

Our technical team takes care of capacity planning which enables the delivery of extremely scalable Infrastructure as a Service, where clients can instantly request additional servers through their Management Portal.

MPLS connectivity

Our two discrete data centres are connected via Multi-Protocol Label Switching – which unlocks faster speeds, greater durability, reduced recovery times from interruption and far higher Quality of Service (QoS) for clients.

Higher bandwidths

Encloud offers some of the highest bandwidths regionally, which means that services, applications and data flow smoothly even during traffic spikes.